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Building Bricks

Bricks are more than just something you use to build your home. It completely sets the style and tone of your home. The building bricks you choose matters in many ways as the bricks you decide on, will be what transforms your home.

Pure White House Bricks

White Bricks

Pure white bricks are very popular. Simple yet modern, these sleek crisp white bricks will complement many styles.

Sustainable bricks

If environmentally friendly bricks are important to you, our bricks are Green Tag certified.

But that’s not all, sustainable bricks are stylish and come in a range of on trend colours and finishes. This means you can feel good about your sustainable brick choice but also have the home style you’re wanting.

Refined Premium Bricks Pure White
Bespoke Bricks - Refined Finish Eco Ebony

Bespoke long bricks

Our Bespoke Brick collection is for the architecturally inspired, aiming to make a design statement with long format bricks.

With contemporary colours and surface finishes available, the long bricks are crafted exclusively to an architect’s requirements.

Premium bricks

Our Premium Range of bricks are Level “A” Global Green Tag certified and made with an exclusive engineered sand featuring coloured glass aggregates.

These provide unique surface finishes that glistens in the light.

Premium range bricks
House Bricks for the Future Graphite Bricks

Contrasting mortar

Consider your mortar colour. For a more unified appearance, you can match the colour of the mortar with the brick to soften the brickwork and provide a unified appearance.

Common mortar colours include natural or grey, white or off-white, cream or buff.

Contrasting materials

Using contrasting materials with your building bricks provides character and warmth.

Consider your location and surroundings when choosing the exterior style of your home.

Bricks for the Future Pure White Smooth scaled

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